1. Iron band of square pipe
With anti-rust treatment and side pieces minted. Stronger than round tube.

2. Metal mesh bed base
suspended by polyamide fibre roods, stronger than the wood slats.

3. Rubber strap to reinforce seat
Rubber strap crossed. Reinforce the seat when the bed is closed.

4. Fixing the mattress
Restraint on all sides of the mattress, to avoid cleaving the opening and closing.

Easy open,
no need to remove the cushions

5. Pull-out guides
Detachable arms, frontal and back makes transport and assembly.

6. More resistent and indeformable back
With doble structure of iron, with removable bolts.

7. Spring mattress
Over two meters and 13 centimeters thick. With the open bed only delivers up to 2.08 meters.

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